Monday, October 8, 2007

Should I be reading the signs?

I just won more yarn! Well, there goes the yarn fast again... Could it be that the gods of knitting are trying to tell me I actually do need more yarn? I'd be happy to oblige...

The Yarn Harlot herself is going to send me yarn for having correctly identified that most iconic of Canadian songs, the theme to "Hockey Night in Canada".

Actually, I was pretty sure what the song would be even before I clicked on the video. Having grown up in Montreal with a serious hockey fan as a brother, it would have been a disgrace if I hadn't recognized it... On this Canadian Thanksgiving day, I'd like to publicly thank my brother for all the hockey-watching he submitted me to over the years... It finally paid off! ;)

If you got here through the link on the Yarn Harlot's blog, welcome to my blog! It's fairly new, and I hope you like it! But be warned: there will be crochet! Actually, I worked on 2 squares of the Rainbow blanket during Stephanie's visit to Third Place Books in Seattle. Crochet with a little Yarn Harlot mojo... The blanket is now with my nephew in Montreal, and I hope all this visual stimulation will have positive effects!

p.s. In the interest of full disclosure, I let Stephanie know that I'm Canadian (even though I live in the U.S.) I don't know if that will affect her "double points" system.


Emily said...

Congrats! I see this as a sign that you're really not meant to be yarn fasting. Then again, it's not really breaking the fast if someone else gives you the yarn, is it? At least not from a money-spending perspective...

Emma said...

I found your blog through the Yarn Harlot. Congratulations on your win! I live about eight blocks from 3rd Place, and yet I missed it when she was there. Alas for cruel irony. Anyway, happy blogging and knitting!

ornerie said...

OK, thats too wierd for words.

reading the harlots blog, I see that the contest was won by Anne-Marie in Seattle.

wait a minute, I thought....MY name is Anne-Marie and *I* live in Seattle!
what are the odds??!!!

congrats on a great name and a great choice of cities :)

--the Other Anne-Marie, aka "ornerie"


joyfulgrrrl said...

Love the blanket...I'm so jealous you won the sock yarn, I actually held my breath as I read her blog today. You lucky duck! Enjoy the yarn! Nicole