Monday, March 10, 2008

Do trees need to keep warm?

Knitters in Ohio are knitting a sweater for a pear tree! It's being described as a new form of graffiti street art. Original, no?

I wonder whether sweaters would affect how much maple sap can be collected from a maple tree... Don't worry, I don't have plans to knit for trees (or any other plants) any time soon. No need to stage an intervention.

p.s. It's apparently a movement, with "knitted graffiti" around the world, from Paris to the Great Wall of China. Who knew?


Emily said...

They were in Seattle last year (or the year before) wrapping scarves around the monorail poles by Seattle Center. Rachel knit some stuff for it...

JafaBrit's Art said...

yep, definitely not new lol! We actually started this as part of an arts council event I was helping run. You can see the story on our slide show at.

As i mentioned to another blogger we did this because it was fun, because it makes people laugh, because the kids in the village get the biggest grins on their faces, because it cheers up a drab cold day in ohio, because we are artists who in between doing serious work (active volunteers with the arts council, run the arts council chamberpot gallery, arrange public events, run the arts council blog, work full time on our own artwork) love to make art and share it for free (as in our found art project) and doing things like the knit knot tree. That it garnered national attention astonishes me, but there you go!

ps. our website explains any concerns about the health of the tree

regards Corrine