Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gnome 2.0

Remember my first gnome?

He has a new friend...

Introducing the new and improved gnome!

The pattern is loosely inspired by the pattern I used for the first gnome, Simply a gnome!, by Else Tenessen. This time, I wanted a pointier gnome, so I did smaller numbers of increases and spaced them out about every 4 rows for the hat and 6 rows for the head and body instead of every 2 rows (basically, whenever I felt it was time for the next increase). Compared to my original gnome, I have about 16 rows for the hat compared to 12, 6 rows for the head compared to 5, and 9 rows for the body compared to 8. I also stuffed it more and did a better job of crocheting the bottom circle for a better fit.

The other major differences are the beard, eyes, and nose (there is one!). Instead of making the beard separately and sewing it on, I crocheted it directly on the face before stuffing it. Same for the nose. I also sewed the eyes and eyebrows on before stuffing it.

Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool and Superwash Wool, leftover from various projects. Eyes from Jo-Ann's.
Hook: size G (4.25mm) for body, size F (3.75mm) for beard and nose. Eyebrows sewn on with darning needle.
Started and finished on May 14, 2008

It's so cute! A definite improvement. I made it as a gift for a friend. It will soon leave for a new home... I think my original gnome will be sad to see his new friend go so quickly, maybe I should give him a nose to cheer him up...