Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2007 in stitches

A list of finished objects of 2007:

1. Latvian Mittens, for Catherine
2. Clapotis, for myself
3. Baby Surprise Jacket, for Youri
4. Red Light Hat Special, for Hugo
5. Red Light Hat Special, for Anne-Marie
6. Lu, for myself
7. Baby Hat to match the BSJ, for Youri
8. Ana Hat, for myself
9. Christmas Stocking, for Youri
10. Dale Pink Hat, for ?

1. Crochet hat, for Chantale
2. Red and Pink Scarf (my own pattern), for myself
3. Silk Garden scarf (using a pattern stitch from Harmony Guides volume 7), for myself
4. Navajo Baby Blanket, for Hugo
5. Pretty in Pink Sundress, for Baptistine
6. Rainbow Baby Blanket, for Youri
7. Cupwarmer, for Nora
8. Cupwarmer, for Emily
9. Bamboo scarf, for Christine

Is that a lot? It seems to be less than I thought. Before this blog and before Ravelry, I probably wasn't keeping track of my knitting accomplishments as thoroughly...

In the interest of full disclosure, a few unfinished objects started in 2007:

1. Colinette toe-up socks on 2 circulars, 75% done
(my first pair of socks. the cast-off on the first one is not stretchy, which means I should rip it out. If I can redo just the casting off, I could get around to finishing the second sock. But I also don't like to feel the definition of the stitches under my foot when I try on the finished sock. The yarn is really pretty.
Plan: try to fix the cast off. If it doesn't work, who knows?

2. Cotton fair isle socks, about 15% done
I like the idea of cotton socks better than wool socks. Wonderful yarn to work with, and fair isle is always fun. Got sidetracked onto other projects, but should really finish this one.
Plan: pick it up again (but when?)

3. Endpaper mitts, about 55% done
I should really finish these. Emily got inspired to knit hers when she saw mine (or the first one of the pair to be more precise). She finished hers ages ago and I still have to finish the second one of my pair. The problem is that I'm on really thin bamboo needles for the wrist ribbing and the thin and pointy needles hurt my fingers. If I can get past the ribbing, I should be fine.
Plan: finish these before the end of winter...

4. Hundertwasser socks, 50% done (one sock)
I knit these as a gift for a friend. Her birthday came and went, so I put them aside to work on more pressing things.
Plan: finish for this year's birthday (mid-April).

5. Lotus Blossom Tank Top, 25% done
I was knitting this for myself after seeing how pretty it was on Emily, but got sidetracked to work on baby gifts.
Plan: pick it up again in the Spring

6. Montego Bay Scarf, 5% done
I fell in love with the yarn, and cast on immediately. The yarn is all pinks and pale greens, yellows, and purples. It seemed like a little taste of Spring in November.
Plan: make this a traveling project?

7. Moss Grid Hand Towel, 55% done with the first of two.
Another project inspired by Emily. I need to finish these ASAP, as they were planned as a gift for a reception back in November. The intended recipients don't know about them, so they're not waiting expectantly for them, but I should still get on it.
Plan: Bus project until finished.

8. Baby cable sweater, 5% done (for one of the many babies I know...)
I started it in November, thinking I might finish it for Christmas but then decided to knit the Christmas Stocking.
Plan: rip it out and start over in 9 month size.

That doesn't even include all the other projects I have in mind and for which I already have yarn... Maybe I'll save that for another day...

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Emily said...

That is a LOT of WIPs! I thought I had a lot but you've put me to shame :) Knit knit knit!